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Lung Gangrene with Cavity Due to Tuberculosis Presenting as Pneumothorax : A Rare Complication in Paediatric Patient- Abstract

Prashant Sadashiv Patil, Gupta Abhaya, Kothari Paras, Kekre Geeta, Deshmukh Shahaji , K Vishesh Dikshit, Apoorva Kulkarni



The common perception is that children rarely develop severe forms of tuberculosis. A variety of sequelae and complications can occur in the pulmonary and extrapulmonary portions of the thorax in treated or untreated patients. Lung gangrene due to tuberculosis has been described in adult patients. However lung gangrene due to tuberculosis is rarely reported in paediatric patients. We report a case of 2 year old female child with lung gangrene and massive cavity due to tuberculosis.

Keywords: pulmonary tuberculosis, gangrene, thoracotomy, pneumothorax.


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