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Pediatric Blunt Abdominal Trauma- Demography in a Tertiary Care Set Up of a Developing Nation - Abstract

Soumyodhriti Ghosh, Ramendra Shukla, Vikram Singh Mujalde, Mushahid Ali ,Sunil Mehra, Ayush Kumar, Arun Kumar Gupta, Vinita Chaturvedi


Purpose: Pediatric patients represent nearly 10 percent of all trauma admissions in major trauma centers. The study attempts to study the different patterns of demography in patients suffering from trauma to the abdomen in a tertiary care hospital in a developing nation.

Methods: The study was done in a tertiary care center over a duration of one year. The study was retrospective based on hospital records of the patients. The demographic parameters were studied and compared to available literature.

Results: A total of 288 cases of blunt trauma to the abdomen were recorded in one year. The demographic trends with respect to the etiology, organ injured, management protocol and mortalities were comparable to standard literature.

Conclusion: Pediatric trauma is a neglected topic in developing nations due to absence of infrastructure and trained personnel. The high incidence illustrates the need to have proper training programs and education in this stream.

Keywords: pediatric, blunt trauma, abdomen, conservative, surgical exploration.

doi: 10.21614/jpss.11.1.11

citation: J Pediatr Surg Spec. 2017;11(1):11-14


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