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Distal duodenal stenosis in Down’s syndrome - a rare challenge - Abstract

Ramnik Patel, Isaac Philip



We present a case of distal duodenal stenosis without a wind sock deformity in a Down’s syndrome presenting with non-bilious vomiting, constipation and bilious aspirates simulating Hirschsprung’s disease. Despite high index of suspicion and actively looking for associated congenital duodenal obstruction it eluded detection. The plain film and rectal biopsy in neonatal period were normal. It was the upper gastrointestinal study which helped in diagnosis. At exploration, distal duodenal stenosis without wind sock deformity was identified. Duodeno-jejunostomy was curative.

Keywords: duodenal stenosis, Down’s syndrome, duodeno-jejunostomy

doi: 10.21614/jpss.11.1.33

citation: J Pediatr Surg Spec. 2017;11(1):33-36


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