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Closed Gastroschisis With Jejunal Atresia - A Case Report - Abstract

Radu-Iulian Spataru, Dan-Alexandru Iozsa



Spontaneous closure of the abdominal wall defect is a rare occurrence in the antenatal evolution of gastroschisis. This can compromise mesenteric blood supply to the extra-abdominal gut affecting the bowel in different forms from ischemia to necrosis. Intestinal atresia in a variable range is also known to coexist. We report the case of a newborn male admitted in our unit for neonatal bowel obstruction and a “mummified” tissue mass attached on the right side to the umbilical cord. Laparotomy revealed short length jejunal atresia and jejuno-ileal anastomosis has been performed. Despite the fact closed gastroschisis is frequently reported in association with short-bowel syndrome due to a vanishing midgut, our case had uneventful outcome.

Keywords: closed gastroschisis, intestinal atresia, neonatal bowel obstruction



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