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The much awaited Baby is born with a smile


2 2007

January - March 2007 | Volume 1 | No.1 | Page 3 


Pediatric Surgery is a popular branch in the field of surgical disciplines in almost all developing countries, including Romania. It is already an established field in most of the developed centers of the world. The speciality faces numerous challenges overshadowing its share in the surgical field, with considerable overlap from the other branches like urology, neurosurgery, orthopedics, cardiothoracic surgery amidst others. These specialities have their own interests in expanding their activities towards pediatric age groups. It is thus high time that pediatric surgeons also realize the need for growth and develop the special fields with in this age group. It is heartening to note that the Journal has been started in Romania, incorporating various pediatric surgical specialities. I am honored to be associated and representing Asia on its prestigious editorial board. Introduction of the journal in a country or the region is a healthy sign of development of the speciality on scientific lines. A journal joins the clinical and the academic minds. It is a common platform for exchange of knowledge acquired through each other’s experience. The exchange of data helps to attain information about the prevalent anomalies in a particular geographical location and the means to deal with them, helping in long term nationa policy making.
To be true, to start and then sustain a scientific Journal is not an easy task. The three important ingredients for its success are (a) scientific material (b) continuity of publication and (c) the resources. Each member and the editorial staff should take it as a duty and pride to submit good articles, case reports and personal experiences including the criticisms to keep the editorial board active and responsive. I wish to congratulate the founder members and the editorial staff, especially Prof Ionescu Sebastian and Dr Corina Zamfir, as the key resource persons, taking up the challenge for starting the Journal happily. I am sure the eminent members of the editorial board would actively assist in keeping up the quality and the continuity of the journal. The format and the print of the first issue have been very pleasant and informative. The beginning is thus promising. It is hoped that the readers would equally appreciate the efforts and contribute well to get the Journal indexed in due course of time.

I wish the journal a grand success and long life. 

1 2007







D. K. Gupta  

Professor and Head, Department of Pediatric Surgery
All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi-110029. INDIA
Editorial Consultant for Asia, Journal of Pediatric Surgical Specialities, Romania
Editorial Consultant, Pediatric Surgery International
Editor in Chief, Journal of Indian Association of Pediatric Surgeons
President Asian Association of Pediatric Surgeons
President SAARC Association of Pediatric Surgeons