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Managing Patients with Hirschsprung’s Disease (Abstract)

A. Mironescu, L. Muntean
Brasov, Romania



Purpose: The aim of this report is to present some of our particular cases with HD and the difficulties we had to face in managing them, but also an attempt to adapt the modern recommendations for the management of HD to the still frustrating technical conditions in a developing country.

Material and methods: In the present paper we are reconsidering a previous series of patients presented with constipation in the Pediatric Surgery Department of the Children’s Hospital of Brasov, but also the medical records of the last five years in the same surgical service.

Results: Between 1991 and 2005, over 300 children presented in the outpatients clinic, 150 were admitted for constipation, of which, 30 were confirmed as HD, 90 as functional constipation and 30 as constipation of unknown etiology. Our experience was limited until 2000 to Duhamel procedure with or without a previous colostomy. In the last five years we preformed several Soave-Boley endorectal pull-through in patients between 2 months and 1 year old , with good results.

Conclusions: Despite some technical problems and limited access to special histopathology tests, our results have been encouraging and new procedures could be adapted to local conditions until sufficient experience and improvement of surgical equipment will be achieved.

Key words: Hirschsprung’s disease, surgery, endorectal pull-through


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