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Results of the Conservative Treatment in Clubfoot Using the French Method (Abstract)

D. Cosma, I. Pãrãian, D. Vasilescu
Cluj-Napoca, Romania



Background: The idiopathic clubfoot represents a congenital deformation incorporating four distinct alterations: the equinus, varus, cavus and adduction of the forefoot to the hindfoot. The meaning given to the conservative treatment of clubfoot by French method is that of mobilization-manipulation and serial plaster immobilizations.

Material and methods: We followed the results of the early conservative orthopedic treatment in the congenital clubfoot in 52 patients (74 feet) under the age of 1 year. These cases were treated in the Department of Pediatric Orthopedics of the Rehabilitation Clinical Hospital of Cluj-Napoca for a period ranging between 1998 and 2003. The degree of deformation used DiMeglio’s clinical criteria. The conservative treatment began since the presentation of the cases with mobilizations – manipulations and continued up to the age of one month. After the age of one month, serial plaster immobilizations followed. When the conservative treatment failed consecutive to five or six successive plasters, the correction already obtained was followed by surgery.

Results: The percentage of the favorable results after the conservative treatment can reach 82.44 %. The results are not so good in cases of arthrogryposis multiplex congenita, myelomeningocele etc.

Conclusions: The results of the conservative treatment of the congenital clubfoot is good, the correction achieved being either total or with a reduced deformation degree, involving surgery only in the case of residual deformations and not for an old severely deformed foot.

Key words: clubfoot, conservative treatment, French method Introduction


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