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Autogenous Bone Marrow Injection in Femur Bone Cyst (Abstract)

E. S. Boia, A. Radulescu, RE Iacob, O Adam
Timisoara, Romania



The management of a unicameral bone cyst varies from percutaneous needle biopsy, aspiration and local injection of steroids, or demineralized bone matrix, to the more invasive surgical procedures of conventional curettage and grafting or subtotal resection with bone grafting. The best treatment for a unicameral bone cyst is yet to be identified. Better understanding of the pathology will change the management concept. The aim of this treatment is to prevent pathologic fractures, to promote cyst healing, and to avoid cyst recurrence and re-fracture. We present a case in which the management of the bone cyst was local injection of bone marrow. Percutaneous bone marrow injection is an effective method for managing simple bone cysts and it might be considered before the application of more extensive procedures.

Key words: bone cyst, percutaneous needle biopsy, percutaneous bone marrow injection.


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