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The Effects of Surgical Operation On Cardiac Functions of People with Pectus Excavatum Who Have Right Ventricular Pressure

Derya Çimen¹, Murat Öncel², Derya Arslan³, Güven Sadi Sunam², Bülent Oran¹

¹Selcuk University Medical Faculty, Department of Pediatric Cardiology, Konya, Turkey

²Selcuk University Medical Faculty, Department of Thoracic Surgery, Konya, Turkey

³Konya Research and Educational Hospital Pediatric Cardiology Clinic, Konya, Turkey

Objective: The effects of surgical operation on cardiac functions of people with pectus excavatum (PE) who have right ventricular pressure were evaluated with tissue Doppler echocardiography.

Methods: The study is prospective. 19 PE case (4 females, 15 male) were taken into study whose surgical treatments done by Thoracic Department of Selçuk University Medical Faculty. Patients were evaluated before and after surgery. Data was compared to average of age 25 consistent healthy control group. Systolic and diastolic functions of heart were analyzed as echocardiographic: ejection fraction from left ventricles M-mode measures, fractional shortening; myocardial early diastolic top velocity, atrial systolic velocity, myocardial systolic velocity, isovolemic relaxation time from Doppler velocity for left and right ventricle and myocardium performance index (MPI) were evaluated.

Results: Average ages of patient and control group are respectively (11.5±5.5 years) and (9.8±4.3 years). Pectus index of patients were 3.72 ± 0.71(3.20 to 5.58). MPI, which was achieved Doppler echocardiography for showing systolic and diastolic cardiac functions of patients who have pectus excavatum, was recover after surgeon. The MPI of the left ventricle reduced after operation (0.52±0.17 and 0.42±0.10respectively). The MPI of the right ventricle reduced after operation (0.48±0.11and 0.40±0.10respectively). The rates of improvements were nearly 20% in LV and 17% in RV.

Conclusions: It is found in our study that cardiac functions of patients were affected. These values were observed to recover meaningfully after surgery. For this reason, revising deformity of pectus excavatum is not only important via cosmetic and psychological but also in terms of cardiac functions.

Keywords: cardiac functions, pectus excavatum, Nuss procedure