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Role of Antenatal Diagnosis of Congenital Malformed Kidney in Decreasing Postnatal Kidney Trauma - Abstract

Dusanka Dobanovacki , Nada Vuckovic , Andjelka Slavkovic , Dragan Sarac



Introduction: To identify the incidence of blunt renal trauma in children and adolescents as related to diagnosed pre-existing asymptomatic congenital kidney abnormalities and compare the incidence of trauma, before and after the introduction of prenatal ultrasound diagnostics of congenital abnormalities in the Province of Vojvodina.

Patients and methods: A retrospective analysis from trauma data base (1975 - 2014) was performed, searching for the total number of patients admitted to hospital for renal trauma and the number affecting a congenital malformed kidney. It was divided into two parts: Group I – the period prior to the introduction of prenatal ultrasound diagnostics of congenital abnormalities (1975 - 1993) and Group II - time period after its introduction (1994 -2014).

Results: One hundred and ninety-three patients with kidney trauma were admitted, 15 (7.7%) of them with various asymptomatic and previously non-detected congenital renal lesions. In the Group I, 76 patients had a traumatic kidney injury; 12 of them (15.7%) with earlier not diagnosed and asymptomatic congenital renal disorders. In the Group II out of 117 renal injuries only in 3 (2.5%) pre-existing kidney congenital lesions were diagnosed.

Conclusion: Antenatal fetal ultrasound examinations successfully decrease the incidental diagnosis of undetected kidneys congenital abnormalities following abdominal trauma.

Keywords: kidney, congenital abnormalities, blunt trauma, antenatal.


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