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Magnetic Foreign Body Ingestion in Children: Impact of Surgical Intervention Timing. A Case Series and Literature Review - Abstract

Mohamed Shoukry, Munther Haddad



Background: Accidental ingestion of foreign bodies in young children and toddlers is common. Most will pass spontaneously without any harm. However, when foreign bodies are magnetized, significant problems can occur. Exceptionally strong magnetic pull and 2 magnets in separate parts of alimentary canal can quite easily attract, potentially causing damage to the intervening structures. We present our experience where earlier surgical intervention was required to extract magnets.

Material and methods: A review of case notes of three patients referred to a tertiary Paediatric Surgery centre during the period March 2011 to August 2014. They have completed follow up period for 2 years at least before discharge them back to GPs care successfully. Retrospective review of similar published articles on PubMed and midline.

Conclusion: Authors recommend close observation, high index of suspicion and early surgical intervention. More public and medical awareness is needed of dangers posed by these readily available objects.

Keywords:  magnetic FB, early surgical intervention, children


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