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Cryptorchidism - Aspects Of Pathogenesis (Abstract)

Jorgen Thorup and Dina Cortes

Department of Paediatric Surgery, Rigshospitalet, University of Copenhagen, Denmark



The aetiology of undescended testes is multifactorial, since disrupted endocrine regulation and several gene defects may cause cryptorchidism. The exact regulation of testicular descent is unknown. The testis descends in two phases. The transabdominal descent depends on insulin-like hormone 3 and the inguinoscrotal descent depends on production of fetal androgens influenced by placental hormonal stimulation. Cryptorchidism is often related to congenital anomalies in the caudal developmental field and the role of placental insufficiency in the pathogenesis of cryptorchidism may be crucial.


Key words: cryptorchidism, testis, germ cells, placenta.


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