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Early Assessment of Speech Development in Cochlear Implanted Children (Abstract)

¹Simona Serban, ²Viorel Zainea

¹Institute of Phonoaudiology and Functional Surgery “Prof. Dr. D. Hociota”, Bucharest, ROMANIA

²University of Medicine and Pharmacy “Carol Davila”, Bucharest, ROMANIA



Background: Studying cochlear implant with young children brings in fundamental methodological problems. Objective analysis of speech and sound production is a valuable tool in assessing young children during the first year after cochlear implantation. The first six months after device switching on are essential for the child’s accommodation with the cochlear implant.

The authors present the case of a girl with bilateral profound hearing loss who received cochlear implant at the age of 3. An objective analysis of her speech production was made during the 6 months post-implant activation.

The methodology included quantitative and qualitative analysis of sounds and speech. The speech production spectrograms indicate consistent spectral modifications. The multidimensional voice analysis shows that Jitter presents the best improvement.

Key words: cochlear implant, objective analysis, speech production, spectrograms, multidimensional voice analysis, Jitter


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