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New Therapeutic and Diagnostic Approach in Laparoschisis and Giant Omphalocele (Abstract)

Lazea Stefan, Vrinceanu Luminita, Mandrusca Ramona

Pediatric Surgery Department, Emergency Children Hospital Timisoara, Romania



During the past decade, significant changes have occurred in the management of diagnosis and therapy of the new-born with gastroschisis and omphalocele. Prenatal ultrasonography and measurement of maternal serum alpha-protein have been found to be useful in identifying infants with an abdominal wall defect (17,19)

We report two babies treated in our clinic, one with a fetal gastroschisis and the other one with giant omphalocele, antenatally diagnosed by ultrasound and measurement of maternal serum alpha feto-protein. Both the mothers were advised to undergo a cesarean section at 37-38 week’s gestation at a university maternity but their options were different. One followed the obstetrician’s advice and the baby survived but the other one was borne by vaginally delivery, and inspite of all efforts, the baby could not be saved.

Key words: gastroschisis, omphalocele, antenatal diagnosis


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