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Posttraumatic Hemobilia: A Nonoperative Treatment (Abstract)

D. Dobanovacki, S. Radojkovic*, B. Vujosevic**, R Jokic, V. Pekovic-Zrnic

Pediatric Surgery Clinics Institute for Child And Adolescent Health Care in Vojvodina, Novi Sad, Serbia

* Department of Radiology Academy for Military Medicine Belgrade, Serbia

** Department of Radiology Institute for Oncology Sremska Kamenica, Serbia



We present a case of haemobilia due to severe liver injury in pediatric patient. A boy of six year old suffered a liver fracture and life threatening intraabdominal haemorrhage. Tenth day after the accident and liver sutures the diagnosis of haemobilia was confirmed. Selective hepatic angiography discovered a communication with the biliary tree to the rupture, and embolisation was performed. The patient’s recovery was satisfying. Selective embolisation is a treatment of choice for haemobilia.

Key words: posttraumatic haemobilia, embolisation.


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