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Laparoscopic Management of an Atypical Organoaxial Gastric Volvulus (Abstract)

Fartacek Renata, Rammata Katarina, Mahomed Anies

Department of Paediatric Surgery, Royal Alexandra Children’s Hospital, Brighton, UK



A 13-year old girl presented with intermittent epigastric distension, pain and retching. Upper GI contrast study revealed a rare, partial, anterior organoaxial gastric volvulus involving exclusively the fundus. Abnormal rotation of the fundus consequent to underlying laxity of the gastrophrenic and gastrosplenic ligaments was confirmed at laparoscopy and treated by gastropexy without fundoplication. The paper reviews current management options for gastric volvulus in children.

Key words: organoaxial gastric volvulus, gastropexy


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