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“The argument” – an invitation to participate



Sebastian Ionescu MD PhD

Editor in Chief Journal of Pediatric Surgical Specialties 

Associate Professor  Pediatric Surgery 

Bucharest Romania 


dr ionescuRomanian pediatric surgery dates back as far as 1886, when the first children hospital, “Grigore Alexandrescu” was built, with a special department meant for children surgery and orthopedics. Later on, this department became, within the “Carol Davila” University of Medicine and Pharmacy, the first specialized pediatric clinic in Romania. Following the tradition, the same department houses today the avant-garde national centre for pediatric surgery. 
Subsequently, the state medicine universities organized pediatric surgery clinics in Iasi, Timisoara, Cluj, Targu Mures, and after 1990 new university centers were set up in Braşov, Constanţa, Craiova, Sibiu.
Along the years, a number of personalities distinguished themselves through their medical and didactic activity, among them can be mentioned: Rusu Iulian, Vasile Fufezan, Alexandru Cosăcescu, Filip Goetlieb, Toma Dicescu, Nae Niculescu, Mircea Cosăcescu, Dumitru Vereanu, Alexandru Pesamosca, Tudor Zamfir, Gabriel Ionescu. They have all contributed to the development of children surgery and became members of different medical societies in France, England, Germany and Switzerland.
These university centers deal with congenital malformations, plastic surgery, and pediatric traumatology. Minimal invasive surgery such as laparoscopy, digestiv and urologic endoscopy is now practiced in all the centers that have skilled medical staff and the necessary equipment. One of the most performant is “Marie Curie” Children Hospital, in Bucharest.
As a result of a better and better collaboration among the different disciplines that deal with children surgical pathology, the medical societies decided in 2007 to start publishing a journal in English.
Its content will refer to: surgery, orthopedics, urology, otorhinolaryngology, neurosurgery, anesthesia, intensive care, oncology, cardiovascular surgery, imagery, perinatology, embryology, anatomo-pathology. We intend to issue it quarterly and it will cover: editorials, original articles,case presentations, reviews, retrospective studies, clinical research, and announcements for future medical meetings.

The idea came easily, as we manage complex cases of congenital malformations, whose treatment require a multidisciplinary approach, a step by step treatment. A unanimous, common attitude, with a maximum efficiency, is necessary to get the best results ever. The experience of those doctors who come across such cases should promote in the pages of out publication. The journal has a national scientific committee and an international one, made up of specialists from different fields, university professors, and well known personalities. We intend to promote therapeutic approaches, recent techniques, which will represent the multimodal treatment. 
I strongly believe that this journal represents the essence of the medical thinking and attitude and they should belong  to all of us. It cannot exist without the help of each and everyone. It should be an arena where we could share ideas with the other colleagues from other specialties.
The articles and the opinions addressed to us will be submitted to an analysis and put into practice, as far as possible.  I consider both medical staff and the pharmaceutical companies are partners in promoting new techniques and specialized products within this journal.
We have worked hard to set up this journal. The signals after the first issue were favorable, the editor is honored to help us publishing such a complex work, reflecting the experience of distinguishe experts, in approaching congenital malformations. We all are concerned about the impact factor or lack of it, but the board is convinced that if you will contribute with your most significant articles, the result will be certainly a good one. 
If any one of you has an idea, please express it. Let us know both your satisfaction and especially criticism, concerning this publication. We will be grateful to you and will take it into consideration. It is very important to keep submitting your papers -  in such a way you will assure the life  of this “new born baby”,as professor Gupta mentioned in his editorial.

So “feed him”. We express our hope to enjoy your presence in the pages of Journal of Pediatric Surgical Specialties.