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Enterolithis in a Meckel Diverticulum—Diagnostic Problems (Abstract)

AM. Scurtu¹, G. Aprodu¹, D. Panzaru¹, D. Mihaila²,

¹Department of Paediatric Surgery,

²Department of Pathology, Sfanta Maria Children Hospital, Iasi, Romania



We report a case involving the incidental finding of enterolithis in Meckel’s diverticulum. Only a small number of Meckel’s diverticulum lithiasis cases have been described in literature. Meckel’s diverticulum can be responsible of bleeding, perforation, obstruction and, rarely, to enteroliths formation. We argue that in patients with calcifications on plain abdominal film of no obvious etiology, Meckel’s diverticulum lithiasis should be included in differential diagnosis.

Key words: Meckel’s diverticulum, enteroliths


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