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Surgical Approach to Tension Pneumopericardium in Newborns and Infants (Abstract)

Radoica Jokic¹, Branka Kovacevi², Miroslav Beserminji¹, Milanka Tatic¹

Institute of Child and Youth Care, Novi Sad, Serbia and Montenegro

¹Department of Pediatric Surgery

²Pediatric Clinic, Department of Intensive Care Medicine.


Case Report


In pneumopericardium, a rare but potentially life threatening condition, rapid diagnosis and adequate treatment is crucial. The etiologies of pneumopericardium can be classified into several groups. It can occur in all ages ranging from infants to adults. Acute hemodynamic deterioration should have prompt rapid further investigation and cardiac tamponade must be actively ruled out. We present the case of a infant who had respiratory distress syndrome, and had been subject to mechanical ventilatory assistance and later developed tension pneumopericardium and secondary tamponade. Emergent pericardiocentesis with hemodynamic monitoring did not result in a recovery. Usually, pneumopericardium is self-limiting requiring no specific therapy but clinicians should be familiar with this complication and prompt recognition with adequate treatment that may be life saving.

Key words: pneumopericardium, mechanical ventilation, pericardiocentesis, intensive care


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