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Granular Cell Tumor of Newborn: A Case Report (Abstract)

Roozrokh M.¹, Ansari G.², Jadali F.³, Kermani N.²

¹. Department of Pediatric Surgery, Mofid Children’s Hospital.

². Department of Pedodontics Dental School

³. Department of Pathology, Mofid Children’s Hospital,

Shahid Beheshti University MC.

Tehran, Iran



Granular cell tumor (GCT) is a rare benign soft tissue neoplasm. The most common place is the oral cavity. The most frequent occurrence stage is 4th to 6th decade of life with a rare prevalence in children. A 3 days old female patient was admitted to Mofid Children`s Hospital, Tehran with a protruding mass out of the mouth. She underwent a surgical removal of lesion under general anesthesia. The mass was completely excised and sent to pathology department for future assessment and definitive diagnosis.

Clinical appearance represented a lobulated, capsular mass measuring 3.5 X 1.5 X 2.5 cm, pedunculated from labial area of upper right maxilla. The histological assessment confined the diagnosis of granular cell tumor. A 3 to 6 months follow-up revealed no recurrence, the child was gaining weight and the feeding was reasonable. The case was diagnosed as GCT based on histopathological findings. Differential diagnosis with congenital granular tumor should be considered.

Key words: granular cell tumor, newborn.


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