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Crossed Testicular Ectopia (Abstract)

I. Basca¹,², A. Nica², L. Niculescu², M. Andriescu², C. Datu¹,²

¹Chair of Pediatric Surgery Department, “Carol Davila” University, Bucharest, Romania

² “Grigore Alexandrescu” Children Emergency Hospital, Bucharest, Romania



Crossed testicular ectopia is an extremely rare anomaly, in which both testes migrate toward the same hemiscrotum through the same inguinal canal. We report a case of crossed testicular ectopia in a 6-year-old boy operated for hypospadias and left cryptorchidism. Previously he underwent a surgical exploration of the right inguinal canal which established the diagnosis of right testicular agenesia. On exploration, both testes were present in the left inguinal canal together with a voluminous inguinal hernia. Bilateral orchiopexy was performed by crossing the right testis transseptal to the right hemiscrotum. The mechanisms and diagnosis of this rare anomaly are discussed.

Key words: crossed testicular ectopia, bilateral cryptochidism


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