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Lower Urinary Tract Reconstruction for Ureteroceles (Abstract)

I. Straticiuc-Ciongradi¹, S.G. Aprodu¹, V. Munteanu², S. Gavrilescu¹

¹Pediatric Surgery Department

²Department of Pediatric Intensive Care

“Sf Maria” Children Hospital, Iasi, Romania



Purpose: The therapeutically approach to ureteroceles is very controversial. We performed the lower urinary tract reconstruction as primary treatment for those patients.

Materials and Methods: We present the experience of our institution using definitive lower urinary tract reconstruction without upper tract ablative surgery in 16 patients with single and double collecting systems and associated ureterocele.

Results: Average age at the time of reconstruction was 19 months. There were 5 single unit ureteroceles, and 11 double system ureteroceles. All of our patients underwent surgical excision of the ureterocele and ureteral reimplantation. Three of the cases needed subsequent upper pole heminefrectomy.

Conclusions: Lower urinary tract reconstruction for ureteroceles is an effective treatment for patients with ureterocele, with a low morbidity and reintervention rate.

Keywords: Ureterocele, ureteral reimplantation, renal duplication


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