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Elbow Fractures in Children (Abstract)

N.H. Jidveianu, P. Nicolcescu, O. Vonica

Department of Pediatric Surgery and Orthopedics

Pediatrics Hospital, Sibiu, Romania



Background: The elbow is a common site of orthopaedic injury in the paediatric population. Fracture patterns vary considerably among different age groups.

Material and Methods: We studied a group of 258 cases of elbow fractures treated in the Department of Pediatric Surgery and Orthopedics of Sibiu between January 2005 - January 2006. They were 66,2% boys and 33,8% girls, aged between 0-18 years old. The types of fractures were the following: 174 supracondylar fractures (67.44%), 46 medial epicondyl fractures ( 26.43%), 9 lateral epicondyl fractures ( 3.48%), 5 radial head fractures (1.93%), 21 olecranon fractures ( 8.14%) and 3 Monteggia fractures (1.16%). The treatment management varied: simple immobilization for non displaced fractures, manipulative closed reduction followed by immobilization for displaced fractures, manipulative closed reduction, maintaining the reduction with percutaneous pins and immobilization for unstable fractures, open reduction and internal fixation, followed by immobilization for complicated fractures, unsuccessfully reduced, cominutives and open fractures, fractures with intra-articular displace.

Results: Most cases had a favourable evolution, with quickly and complete recovery of the elbow mobility, without special recovery treatment. In 2 cases, the recovery was difficult, even with physical therapy.

Conclusions: Open reduction and internal fixation or closed reposition and pin fixation gave the best results.

Key words: elbow injury, children, type of fracture, treatment.


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