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Review of Cases Operated with Snodgrass Technique (Abstract)

H.Gozar¹, V.Gliga², A. Borda², M. Turcu²

¹ Tg. Mures County Emergency Clinical Hospital

² U.M.F. Tg. Mures, Romania



Aim: To report our experience of using the tubularized incised plate (TIP) urethroplasty.

Material and Methods: The TIP urethroplasty was undertaken in 70 boys (mean age 5.54 years) within the last 2 years. We had 27 small patients (0-3 years), 36 mid age children (4-11 years) and 7 pubertal children (12- 17 years). There was the first operation for 44 children and a redo operation for 26 children. There were 27 cases of distal hypospadias, 33 cases of mid shaft hypospadias and 10 cases of proximal hypospadias. The patients were followed up at 2 weeks, 4 weeks, 3 months, 6 months, 1 year.

Results: Overall complications were encountered in 18.57% of cases. The succesful rate in small children was 92.59%, in mid age children 77.78% and in prepubertal children 57.14%. We had 84.09% of succesful operations as a first operation and 76.92% as a redo operation. Distal and mid shaft hypospadias had similar rate of success (88.88% and 81.81%). Proximal hypospadias had a succesful rate of 60%.

Conclusions: The TIP urethroplasty is a versatile operation for all types of hypospadias. It became the first choice for repairing this malformation. The operation in early ages became our option.

Key words: hypospadias, Snodgrass, urethroplasty


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