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A Case of Ovarian Torsion with a Serous Cyst and Coexisting Serous Cystadenoma in the Contraleteral Ovary (Abstract)

Dolunay Alver, Cengiz Gül, Aysenur Cerrah Celayir, Davut Sahin*
Department of Pediatric Surgery and Pathology*, Zeynep Kamil Maternal and Child Diseases Educational and Research Hospital,
Istanbul, Turkey



Serous cystadenomas are serous fluid-filled cysts originating from epithelial cells covering ovarian surface. This case report is presented since bilateral ovarian cyst and a cyst becoming complicated is a rare entity in children. A 7-year old girl was admitted with complaints of abdominal pain and vomiting. Examination of the abdominal right lower quadrant revealed tenderness and a mass with dimensions of 7cm. Ultrasonographic and CT findings showed bilateral ovary pathology and the patient was operated with presumptive diagnosis of ovarian torsion. During the operation, right ovary torsion in addition to a multilocular cystic appearance in the left ovary were encountered. Right oophorectomy and bipolar longitudinal wedge biopsy on the left ovary were performed. Right ovary was necrotic and a serous cystadenoma was detected on biopsy specimen of the left ovary on histopathological examination. Postoperative recovery and hormone levels of the patient were normal. Malignancy risk should be discarded in bilateral ovarian cysts with papillary projections, intra-cystic hemorrhage and semisolid mass.

Key words: ovary tumor, ovary cyst, ovary torsion, childhood


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