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Torsion of the Vermiform Appendix-Report of 2 cases (Abstract)

Réka Somogyi¹, Balázs Kutasy², István Csízy², E. Cholnoky¹,G. Mohay¹, Rita Hajdu¹, András Pintér¹
¹Department of Pediatrics, University of Pécs, Hungary
²Department of Pediatrics, University of Debrecen, Hungary



The authors report the torsion of the vermiform appendix in two 5-year old boys. Its clinical signs and symptoms (vomiting, increasing tenderness and later muscular rigidity in the right lower abdomen) and investigations (ultrasonography proved appendicular involvement) were similar to that of acute appendicitis. The vermiform appendices were torsioned 360o and 720o on their bases with their mesentery rotated in counter-clockwise direction, respectively. The appendices were gangrenous in appearance but without evidence of inflammation.

Key words: appendix, appendicular torsion, acute abdomen


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