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Successful NonSurgical Management of a Huge Life Threatening Cervicomediastinal Cystic Hygroma (Abstract)

Ashraf H. M. Ibrahim¹, Ahmed Kandeel², Mohamed F. Bazeed², Mohammed Shaker³ and Assia al Rawaf*
Pediatric Surgery¹, Intensive Care³ Units Armed Forces Hospital Southern Region, Radiology Department²
Faculty of Medicine Mansoura University and Pediatric Surgery Unit* Armed Forces Hospital Riyadh, Saudi Arabia



A cervicomediastinal hygroma may be life-threatening due to compression of the airways. The treatment is challenging especially in emergency situations like acute respiratory failure requiring mechanical ventilation. Surgery has a high rate of morbidity and even mortality. Recurrence and injury to major structures may be unavoidable. The authors report on a six-month-old female who presented with acute respiratory failure requiring mechanical ventilation due to a huge cervicomediastinal cystic hygroma encasing major structures in the chest. This is the first report in the literature about successful management of such life threatening condition using water soluble intralesional bleomycin injections (IBI) without surgery.

Key words: Bleomycin, cervicomediastinal hygroma, acute respiratory failure


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