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The frequency of the Poland syndrome is underestimated

I. James




Introduction: In the literature the Poland syndrome is reported as an affection which touches 1 birth in 20000, its rarity is due to its ignorance in the other fields than those of pediatrics, although certain hand surgeons know and treat this malformation, and certain aesthetic surgeons treat some of these patients with mammary hypoplasia; so that in different publications there is a lot of clinical variability of the signs frequency, according to the recruitment.

Material and methods: A recent meeting of the French association for the Poland syndrome (November 2008) in collaboration with the Swiss and Italian associations established the new terms on epidemiology, clinical forms, and the various suggested treatments.

Results: We will discuss in this presentation the different epidemiological hypothesis, the different points of the clinical examination, we will propose a common evaluation chart so that we can refer to the same patients and we will also discuss about the different managements according to the anatomical entities. For the hand: commissure separations, eventual stabilizations by phalanx transfer and especially collaboration with the ergotherapists for the functional analyses. For the breast: prostheses repair, with or without expansion, muscular transfers and discussion of the lipofilling. For the thorax, the possibilities of the deformations prevention, especially selective insufflations.


Key words: Poland syndrome, treatment