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One time surgery for bilateral labial cleft

M. Glikpo, C. François-Fiquet, D. Chaouadi, H. Ludot, S. Daoud, ML. Poli-Mérol

American Memorial Hospital - Reims



Aim: Our study is to show that one time surgery for the closure of the bilateral labial clefts doesn’t worse the prognosis of the final result, including in case of equilateral Tennisson flap modified Malek.

Material and methods: We re-examined nine patients, all having bilateral labio-velo-palatine cleft. The surgery was performed between June 2004 and March 2008. The average age at surgery was 1, 6 months. The post-operative average follow-up was 2.5 years. One surgeon performed all the interventions. We used the same technique for all children: Tennisson 90° modified Malek.

Results: Two children presented an immediate post-operative hypoxemia that regressed in less than twenty-four hours. There were no short or medium term complications. Revision was necessary in 4 children to the level of the red lip and columella.

Conclusion: We discuss these results in accordance with the literature review. Thus, we confirm that one time surgery of the bilateral labial clefts can be performed without risks, doesn’t determine more complications and doesn’t worse the prognosis of the operational gesture.


Key words: bilateral labial clefts, Tennisson flap modified Malek