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Isolated labio-palatine clefts: importance of postnatal radiological examinations

JN. Mcheik , V. Couvrat , ME. Gatibelza , S. Maurin , C. Grosos, J. Gaudin , G. Levard

CHU de la Mil├ętrie - Jean-Bernard Hospital, Poitiers, France



Objectives: In this twenty cases study, we evaluated the importance of systematic postnatal ultrasound in the management of isolated labio-palatine cleft (LPC).

Materials and methods: Eighty systematic postnatal ultrasounds were carried out at twenty newborn babies with LPC. Thirteen children had antenatal ultrasonographic diagnosis; the cleft type and the associated malformations were noted. The karyotype was systematically performed. An antenatal consultation was programmed with the members of the multidisciplinary team managing the LPC, which explained to the parents the treatment methods. In seven children, the existence of a LPC was noted at birth. All the children had clinical examination and postnatal systematic ultrasonography.

Results: Among the 13 children who had antenatal diagnosis, the karyotype was normal in 11 cases. In 10 cases, there were no associated anomalies; the antenatal ultrasonography discovered associated malformations associated in 3 cases. The clinical and postnatal ultrasonographic examinations confirmed these data. The karyotype was normal in six children with postnatal LPC diagnosis. Among these seven children the clinical and systematic ultrasonographic examinations found associated anomalies in only one case.

Discussion and Conclusion: The biological or radiological complementary examinations are multiple and varied. In our series, the systematic ultrasonography did not bring additional information while comparing with the clinical observations at birth. Our objective being the early tracking of these anomalies, we attach a great importance to the antenatal examinations and to the postnatal clinical examination accompanied by complementary explorations according to the clinical observations.


Key words: isolated labio-palatine cleft, complementary examinations