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Report of a rare esophageal duplication

A. Schneider ¹ , F. Donnars², D. Coumaros ³, S. Geiss ², F. Becmeur ¹

¹Department of Pediatric Surgery, University Hospital, Strasbourg

²Department of Pediatric Surgery, Le Parc Mother and the Child Center, Colmar

³Department of Hepato-gastroenterology, University Hospital, Strasbourg, France



Introduction: Digestive duplications are rare entities that become symptomatic mainly in the early childhood. They are classified in 2 types, the cystic duplications that are more frequent (95%), and tubular duplications. Esophageal duplications account for 15-20% of all digestive duplications.

Material and methods: We report the case of a 14 years old boy who had gradually, in years, adapted its nutrition avoiding the solid food and increasing the duration of the meals because of a not explored dysphagia. During an acute episode of dysphagia for solids and liquids with acute retrosternal pain, imaging (OGDT, TDM and MRI) and esophago-gastric endoscopy revealed cystic esophageal duplication.

Results: A thoracoscopy was indicated for the resection of this lesion. Associating esophageal endoscopy made it possible to highlight the tubular duplication with double communication (at the two ends). Also, a conservative, endoluminal treatment of the esophagus was performed. A longitudinal incision of the duplication was carried out successfully by endoscopy. After the operation the patient started to eat normally without dysphagia.

Conclusion: It is, to our knowledge, the 1st case of endoscopic treatment of a tubular esophageal duplication.


Key words: esophageal duplication, thoracoscopy