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Information by play: an interesting approach to dedramatise the surgery

M. Thépaut, J. Kerbiriou,C. Le Rouzic- Dartoy , S. Guillerm, S. Bertaux, P. De vries, I. Germouty, B. Fenoll.

CHU Morvan - Brest , France



Introduction: A pediatric surgical operation is always anguishing the parents and the child. The oral and written information, delivered about the surgical gesture and the hospitalization is essential but the child cannot always understand them.

Material and methods: It seemed interesting to us to develop an external consultation for information by the play. It is proposed systematically starting from age of 2 years and half and it takes place Wednesday afternoon, during one hour.

Results: This information is delivered by the nurses, in a playful and interactive mode: the children handle dolls, surgical masks, perfusions, electrodes. The nurses provide explanations and answer to the questions of the children and of the parents. From 40 satisfaction questionnaires, we evaluated the impact of this new approach.

Conclusion: The consultation is particularly appreciated by the child and his family. Each one notes a decreased anguish and increased confidence that guarantee a better cooperation during the day of the intervention.


Key words: intervention, child, stress, play.