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Bilateral Testicular Torsion in a Neonate: A case report (Abstract)

*H. Z. Omari, **M S Masarweh, ***M. M. Saleem
* Department of Radiology, Faculty of Medicine
Jordan University of Science & Technology
** Department of Surgery, King Hussein Cancer Center Amman, Jordan
*** Department of Surgery, University of Jordan



We report a case of a newborn male infant, who presented at five days of age, with bilateral scrotal swelling since birth. A diagnosis of testicular torsion was suspected. Color Doppler Ultrasound supported the diagnosis, with an absent blood flow signal on the right side and a weak signal on the left side. Bilateral testicular exploration through inguinal incisions confirmed the clinical diagnosis of bilateral testicular torsion. Both sides appeared grossly gangrenous, more severe on the right side. Histological examination confirmed the diagnosis of testicular infarction secondary to testicular torsion. We performed right orchiectomy because of gross infarction, and left orchidopexy because it appeared to be less infarcted. Follow up visit revealed atrophy of the remaining testicle. Bilateral synchronous testicular torsion is rare. Controversy surrounds the etiology, the approach to diagnosis and the management. Reporting such cases may increase awareness of this diagnosis to those involved in the management of neonates and young infants, as the effect of such a condition is profound.

Key words: testis torsion, newborn, synchronous, neonatal testicular torsion


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