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Delayed Laparoscopic Assisted Treatment of Complicated Urachal Cysts in Children: Report of two Cases (Abstract)

Mirko Bertozzi, Niccolò Nardi, Marco Prestipino and Antonino Appignani

Clinica Chirurgica Pediatrica – Università degli Studi di Perugia, Ospedale S. Maria della Misericordia

Loc. S. Andrea delle Fratte - 06100 Perugia - ITALY



Urachal remnants are rare congenital anomalies generally treated by open surgery. In the last decade laparoscopic treatment of these anomalies became more frequent. The authors present an alternative operative technique never reported before for treatment of complicated remnants in two children with complicated urachal cysts. A laparoscopic assisted radical excision was performed easily via an umbilical incision. Operative time was 90 minutes in the first case and 40 minutes in the second one. Intra- or post-operative complications and recurrences did not occur and the cosmetic results were very good. Laparoscopic assisted surgery for complicated urachal cysts is reliable, diagnostic and therapeutic at the same time and allows a radical excision with all of this procedure advantages.

Key words: cysts, infected, laparoscopic-assisted surgery, urachal remnants, urachus


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