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Penile Agenesis (Aphallia) A Case Report (Abstract)

Mohammad Refaei ¹, Mohamed Abdel Al Bakheet ², Saleh Al Rowally ³

¹ Pediatric Surgery Department, Arar Central Hospital, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia,

² Department of Pediatrics, Sohag University Hospital, Egypt

³ Department of Pediatrics, Arar Central Hospital, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia



We present a 31 day old Syrian infant referred to us due to absence of penis. The child looked normally developed and examination of the heart, lungs, abdomen, head and neck were all normal. The child's phallus was absent, the scrotum was normal with two normally descended testes with palpable vas deferens. There was voiding per urethra. The voided urine was clear and not mixed with fecal material. The urethral meatus was located between the well developed bifid scrotum over the pubis. Patient was not able to expel urine at the meatus in a forceful stream. Renal ultrasonographies, intravenous urography, chest x-ray and antegrade cystography were normal. Buccal smear was consistent with male genotype and chromosomal studies revealed a normal karyotype 46XY. Laboratory tests including hormonal assay were unremarkable. Cystourethrogram performed through urethral opening showed normal appearing bladder and no urethrorectal fistula. Barium meal and enema revealed normal gastro-intestinal tract pattern. It is better at time to rear such children as males because the social stigma for females in our society may be much greater. Unmarried male can be far better in life than an unmarried female.

Key words: aphallia; penile agenesis


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