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Infantile hemangiopericytoma: two case reports and literature review (Abstract)

Gamal Al-Saied¹, Rafik Shalaby¹, Mohamed Al-Saied¹, Akram Awadalla², Ehab Zayed³, Dalal Nemenqani*, Mo’omen Mohamed*
¹Departments of Pediatric Surgery,
³Plastic Surgery
King Abdul Aziz Specialist Hospital, Taif, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia



Hemangiopericytoma is a rare vascular tumour of infants. Although generally considered to be benign, local recurrence and metastases can occur. Herein, we report on two full term girls, delivered with lumbosacral swelling and left thigh swelling respectively. Complete surgical excision with safety margins was performed for each lesion. Histologic examination of both lesions showed picture of infantile hemangiopericytoma. There is no evidence of local recurrence or distant metastasis during last 20 and 17 months for 1st case and 2nd case respectively. In conclusion most infantile hemangiopericytoma follow a benign course. Rarely these tumours behave aggressively with local infiltration, recurrences and even distant metastases. Careful follow up is therefore essential.

keywords: infantile hemangiopericytoma, vascular tumour



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