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Burying of a non-balloon gastrostomy button: An unusual early problem (Abstract)

Neil C. Featherstone, Katherine Burnand, Sulaiman Alazzawi, Thomas Tsang
Department of Paediatric Surgery, Norfolk & Norwich University Hospital, United Kingdom



Percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy tubes are commonly used for long-term feeding in children with neurological disorders. Many are subsequently changed to balloon-button gastrostomies without anaesthesia once the gastrostomy tract is well-formed. Complications include dislodgement because of rupture of the inner balloon, or through accidental removal. As an alternative, non-balloon button gastrostomies have been developed and have greater longevity. We report a case in which burying of a non-balloon button gastrostomy occurs early causing problems with the administration of feeds, inflammation and discomfort for the patient. The insertion of non-balloon gastrostomies can be more challenging and we believe should be done under general anaesthetic to prevent similar complications.

key words: non-balloon gastrostomy button, percutaneous gastrostomy, buried-bumper syndrome



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