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Care on double diaper technique after hypospadias repair (Abstract)

Bertozzi M., Prestipino M., Nardi N., Appignani A.
S.C. di Clinica Chirurgica Pediatrica - Università degli Studi di Perugia
Ospedale S. Maria della Misericordia, S. Andrea delle Fratte, Italy



Temporary urinary diversion is routinely employed after hypospadias repair in children. A traditional closed urinary drainage system or an open drainage system into doubled diapers may be used. This last technique is well known for one day surgery repair of anterior hypospadias. Modern disposable infant diapers have absorbent gelling material (cross-linked sodium polyacrylates) able to tightly hold water as much as helping to segregate urine apart from stools. We report the first two cases of unexpected catheter blockage in babies submitted to hypospadias repair with a transurethral vesical catheter draining the urine between 2 diapers due to cross-linked sodium polyacrylates.

key words: double diaper technique, catheter blockage, super absorbent polymers, hypospadias



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