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Penile Duplication with Two Anal Opening A Rare Case Report (Abstract)

Mohammad Refaei¹, Mohamed Abdel Al M.Bahkeet²,  Saleh AL Rowally³
¹Pediatric Surgery Department, Arar Central Hospital
²Pediatrics Department, Sohag University Hospital,
³Pediatrics Department, Arar Central Hospital,
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia



We encountered a complete phallus or penile duplication (diphallia) in a 21 day old Syrian neonate, with two scrotums and each one carrying two palpable testis. Both penises have normal shaft (size 5 cm each) with normally located meatus.The voiding urine from two penises was at the same time during micturation. The child has also a fold of redundant skin about 4x5 cm at the anal region in which were placed two separate anal opening. Per rectal examination detected normal ani and both pass feces at the same time during defecation. The perineum was normal. No dysmorphic features and no associated other congenital anomalies. All laboratory results were within normal range for his age. Voiding cystourethrography revealed two penies with two separate meatus and one bladder in which the two urethral open seperatelly. IVP showed two normal kidneys and two ureters. Barium study reveled duplication of rectum and colon, otherwise normal GIT pattern. In our exhaustive review of the literature, we did not come across any other case of this variety of the penile duplication and congenital presence of two ani (anuses).

key words: Diphallia (duplication of penis), ani ( anuses), penile duplications


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