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Segmental dilatation of ureter in children (Abstract)

Hemonta Kr. Dutta, Shree Harsh

Assam Medical College & Hospital Dibrugarh, Assam, India



Segmental dilatation of ureter is characterized by a giant, focal segmental dilatation of mid ureter. It may be associated with megacalycosis, duplication of collecting system and  hypoplastic, dysplastic or nonfunctioning kidney. We describe a case of segmental dilatation of ureter with ipsilateral megacalycosis and contralateral vesico-ureteric reflux in a child, who presented with acute renal failure and sepsis. Cystoscopy revealed absence of ipsilateral ureteric meatus in the bladder with hemitrigone and golf-hole opening of the refluxing ureter. The ureter distal to the segmental dilatation was normal caliber, but opened in the bladder neck. These associations were not reported earlier.


Key words: segmental dilatation of ureter, megaureter, segmental giant ureter


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