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Development of pediatric surgery and orthopedics in Iasi, Romania

The early history of surgery branch concerning exclusively the children’s treatment in Iasi, Romania, starts in 1918 at the “Charity” Hospital. Prof. Dr. Andrei Trosc, head of the Surgery Department between 1924 and 1931, made the first attempts in the active surgical treatment of osteoarticular tuberculosis. In 1935 he performed partial section of sciatic nerve using the Stoffel technique for the treatment of lower limb spasticity and reports his results in para-articular arthrodesis of the hip disease using intra-cervico-trochanteric autologous bone transplant. Prof. Dr. Andrei Trosc is the author of a pediatric orthopedics book entitled "Surgical treatment of congenital clubfoot". An important moment in Pediatric Surgery’s history is the foundation of “Clinic of Pediatric Surgery and Orthopedics” due to the efforts of Prof. Dr. George Chipail beside the directorate of the Institute of Medicine from Iasi, in the fall of 1948. Management of the department first belonged to Prof. Dr. Mourousis who, shortly after, left Romania. Thus, in 1949, the lead of the clinic was taken by Prof. Dr. Theodor Economu, surgeon of great value, former assistant of Prof Dr. Chipail, recognized as the true founder of Pediatric Surgery and Orthopedics’ “school” in Iasi. Since then, the surgical team had an important activity, the unit being equipped with 90 beds and three operating rooms. In the first year of function, 1470 children have been treated here. Prof. Dr. Th. Economu had a rich surgical activity, being among the first pediatric surgeons in Romania who performed esophageal replacement. In 1964, after the unexpected death of Prof. Dr. Economu in a plane crash, Prof. Dr. Nicolae Niculescu became the chief of the department. He had a significant contribution in the development of Pediatric Surgery and, together with Prof. Dr. Alexandru Pesamosca in Bucharest, was the promoter of division into two independent specialties as we know them today: pediatric surgery and pediatric orthopedics. Since 1985, the clinic leadership was taken over by Prof. Dr. Gabriel Ionescu, pediatric surgeon and teacher of great value who had a decisive contribution in the development of pediatric visceral surgery in Moldova region and rest of the country. He was the first Romanian pediatric surgeon who performed gastric-tube esophagoplasty, with remarkable accuracy, accumulating the richest experience in the country for this procedure. Under his coordination, in the department was developed the pediatric urology, neonatology and oncological surgery. In 1991 he leaved Romania. From 1993 Prof. Dr. Dan Gotia, the new chief of the department who was concerned mainly by the development of pediatric orthopedics, initiated several new techniques such as triple pelvic osteotomy, being the first one to do it in Romania. He retired in 2009. The Depatment of Pediatric Surgery and Orthopedics from Iasi includes two units of pediatric surgery and one of pediatric orthopedics. It continues to be a major Romanian center in children surgical treatment, covering the neonatal, complex congenital malformation and tumor surgery. Evident progresses have been made in the treatment of spinal deformities and limb inequalities. A ssoc. Prof. Dr. Gabriel Aprodu, Chief of the Department of Pediatric Surgery and Orthopedics