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Fall from loft bed is a frequent mechanism of injury in children (Abstract)

Märzheuser S, Fischer B, Grauel F, Degenhardt


Introduction: Loft beds are a frequent choice for families with many children and have been introduced in response to space saving needs in crowded urban dwellings. In contrast to bunk beds, loft beds are located on a high rise platform with a clear height of 2 meters and more. The objective of this study was to identify the risk of fall from loft bed in children. Material and Methods: Data from the paediatric emergency room of the Charité University Hospital of Berlin. Cases were defined as children aged 0–16 years treated for a traumatic head injury related to a fall from loft bed. Results: During one year a total of 1637 patients were diagnosed having traumatic head injury attributable to falls. One of the most frequent accidental injuries in all age groups was fall from loft bed with a total of 132 cases (10%). Falls from loft bed are spread over all age groups. Conclusions: The high incidence of traumatic head injury in all age groups caused by fall from loft bed gives an important target for regional prevention campaigns.