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Ileocecal tuberculosis simulat ing as intussuscept ion on abdominal ultrasonography: A case report and review of literature (Abstract)

Bilal Mirza, Lubna Ijaz, Afzal Sheikh



Intestinal tuberculosis (TB) has a spectrum of clinical presentations. A 7-year-old male child presented with abdominal distension and pain, vomiting, and constipation for a week. Abdominal radiograph detected free air under diaphragm; ultrasound of the abdomen gave a suspicion of intussusception on the basis of positive donut sign. A diagnosis of intestinal perforation secondary to bowel ischemia due to intussusception was made. At exploration, ileocecal TB was found along with three distal ileal strictures and a perforation at about 10cm proximal to ileocecal valve. The perforation was primarily repaired. The patient gave a good response to post operative antituberculosis therapy (ATT).

Key words: Ileocecal tuberculosis, donut sign, intussusception,