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Congenital Spigelian hernia-cryptorchidism syndrome: two cases report and review of literature (Abstract)

Mohamed Shahin, Gamal Al-Saied, Medhat Ibrahim, Ali Al-Zhrani, Mohamed Al-Saeed, Tharwat Hussien, Amin Alansary



Congenital Spigelian hernia (SH) is a very rare condition in children. Only a few reports on this condition, in combination with ipsilateral cryptorchidism and testis in the hernia sac, have been published. It has been suggested that the coexistence of Spigelian hernia and ipsilateral cryptorchidism is part of a new syndrome. We report on two cases of SH in 8 month and 2 day-old male infants. Both cases had Spigelian hernia containing the ipsilateral testis, without a gubernaculum. The first case had no other congenital anomalies, while the second one was associated with multiple congenital anomalies. The two cases are discussed in the light of published literature.

Key-words: Spigelian hernia, cryptorchidism, testis, gubernaculums, inguinal canal