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Intermediate-term results after cidofovir treatment of pediatric laryngeal papillomas (Abstract)

Gheorghe DC, Epure Veronica, Borangiu A


Objectives: To evaluate the efficacy of cidofovir intralesional injections for treatment of laryngeal papillomas in children. Methods: Nineteen patients with known recurrent laryngeal papillomas have been submitted to the cidofovir protocol, between 2008 and 2013. Cidofovir has been injected into the larynx, with the patient under general anesthesia, and suspension microlaryngoscopy. The procedure was repeated every 2 weeks till either no more papillomas were observed or no papillomas regressions were noticed. The concentration of cidofovir that we used was 7,5 mg/ml. When needed, partial surgical excision of the papillomas was done before cidofovir injections. Conclusions: Cidofovir decreases the recurrence rate and severity of papillomatosis in almost all patients. Still the rate of complete disappearance with no recurrence on medium term follow-up is low. Previous surgical interventions on the papillomas tend to represent a negative prognostic factor on the response of papillomas to cidofovir.

Keywords: cidofovir, intralesional injection, juvenile laryngeal papillomatosis, surgical papiloma excision, suspension laryngoscopy.