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Congenital megalourethra - Abstract

Ramnik Patel Abraham Cherian, Francisca Yankovic, Naima Smeulders, Divyesh Desai, Peter Cuckow



A case is reported of congenital megalourethra in a 3-year-old boy who presented with ballooning of the distal portion of ventral aspect of his urethra during micturition followed by postmicturition dribbling. Micturating cystourethrogram confirmed the diagnosis and he underwent examination under anaesthesia, cystourethroscopy, Nesbitt’s reduction urethroplasty, spongioplasty and meatoplasty uneventfully with excellent anatomical, functional and cosmetic results. Congenital megalourethra may be missed unless actively sought (our case had even had a previous orchidopexy for undescended testis without any suspicion about his penis). The localised scaphoid variety has a better prognosis compared to the diffuse fusiform variety. Associated minor structural anomalies may also need attended to while the urethra is being reconstructed.

Key words: Congenital scaphoid megalourethra, reduction urethroplasty, spongioplasty, meatoplasty, frenuloplasty


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