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Surgical Management of Complete Ureteral Duplication with Ectopic Ureter - Abstract

Radu N. Balanescu, Laura Topor, Ruxandra Caragata, Andreea Moga, Gabriel Dragan



Complete ureteral duplication refers to a kidney with 2 ureters that drain separately and may be inserted anywhere into the bladder, the urethra or the genital system. We report the cases of three female patients diagnosed with complete ureteral duplication (two on the right side and one on the left) and ectopic insertion of the ureter into the urethra. While all patients had the same diagnosis, the surgical management in each case was different. Two patients underwent upper pole nephroureterectomy, while in the last case ureterovesical reimplantation of the ectopic ureter and inferior pole nephrectomy was performe. The postoperative evolution in each case was favorable, further follow-up having shown that all three patients are continent. The management of ectopic ureters should be decided based on a careful preoperative evaluation of both the upper and lower pole function.

Key words: operative management, nephroureterectomy, reimplantation, urinary tract infections


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