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Haemorrhagic Fimbrial Cyst Leading To Fallopian Tube Torsion In A Young Girl-Successful Laparoscopic Detorsion And Tubal Preservation - Abstract

Ramnik Patel, Indranil Dutta, Rani Prajwala, Janet Cresswell



A case of left fimbrial cyst (para ovarian cyst which was haemorrhagic) leading to fallopian tube torsion in an 18-year-old girl, who presented with 6 days of left iliac fossa and suprapubic pain and who had features of a 4.6 cm simple cyst on ultrasound scan. At laparoscopy the diagnosis was confirmed and underwent successful detorsion of fallopian tube with cystectomy and preservation of the left fallopian tube. In the presence of symptoms, even a smaller than 5 cm cyst should be considered to be torted and prompt action may allow for the preservation of the tube and /or ovary. Laparoscopy allowed her to go home on the same day and pain had disappeared instantaneously. Although fallopian tube torsion is rare, it should be considered in patients presenting with acute abdomen. Early diagnosis and timely laparoscopic intervention are vital to preservation of the fallopian tube and relief of symptoms.

Key words: Fimbrial cyst, fallopian tube, torsion, adolescent, laparoscopy, fallopian tube preservation, fertility


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