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Radial Head Subluxation: Fall Is A Frequent Mechanism Of Injury In 512 Cases - Abstract

Grauel F, Rothe K, Maerzheuser S



The objective of this study was to determine the risk of radial head subluxation (RHS) as a consequence of fall and to describe the characteristics for this group of patients.

Material and Methods Charts of all patients discharged from the emergency room with a diagnosis of RHS were retrospectively reviewed. Cases were identified using the injury section of the International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems, 10th revision (ICD-10). All cases with a final discharge diagnosis consistent with RHS were included in the study; cases of elbow dislocation and/or fracture were excluded.

Results In 512 patients, fall accounted for 17% in all age groups, and 24% in children aged 4 years and more. 24% of patients were evaluated radiographically, 70% of those had a history of fall and 13,6% had an unclear history. In boys fall was the mechanism of injury in 21 %, in girls a causative fall was found in 13%. Reduction was successful by first attempt in 96%.

Conclusion: This study demonstrates that a history of a pull only accounts for 58 % of all cases of RHS. Fall accounted for 17 % of the injury over all age groups and was more frequent in children aged 4 years and more (24%). Reduction is easy and rapid and successful by first attempt in 96 %.


Key-words: Radial Head Subluxation, Mechanism of Injury, Pediatric, Fall


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