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Ureteral Obstruction Secondary To Endoscopic Treatment With Polydimethylsiloxane: Case Report And Review Of Literature - Abstract

Vallasciani Santiago, Berrettini Alfredo, Runza Letterio, Bassi Germana, Tringali Valeria, Manzoni Gianantonio 




A case of vesico-ureteral obstruction after endoscopic treatment of left high-grade vesico-ureteral reflux with polydimethylsiloxane is presented. Despite its low invasiveness, endoscopic vesico-ureteral reflux treatment presents complications. Ureteral obstruction was evidenced in different series ranging from 0.2 to 8.33%. In the present case, we hypothesize that the combination of Hydrodistention Intraureteral Technique (HIT) and Polydimethylsiloxane may have played a role in the creation of the vesico-ureteral junction obstruction. The present review of the literature is limited by an inability to compare the incidence of vesico-ureteral junction obstruction. Future studies should be done to determine the most significant factors contributing to this rare but dangerous complication.

Keywords: vesico-ureteral obstruction, polydimethylsiloxane, Ureteral obstruction